quiltingpostBefore last Christmas, my mom and I made “I Spy” quilts for my nieces and nephews. As we busily worked on progressing through the steps of assembling each quilt, I noticed that quilting is similar to life in some ways.

When you’re putting together a quilt, you can’t skip ahead. You have to cut out the fabric before you can sew the pieces together. You have to sew the pieces together before you can put the blocks together. You have to put the blocks together before you can stitch the rows together. You have to stitch the rows together before you can sandwich the layers together. You have to sandwich the layers together before you can quilt the design and bind the quilt.


And so it is with life. We can’t skip any of it, no matter how tedious or difficult parts of it might seem. Each step of life has its own process, challenges, and joys. Some steps we might enjoy more than others, but we have to go through each one nonetheless. And when it is all put together, if we let God have His way, the end result will be something beautiful- and useful.

And, as I think about it, writing can be compared to quilting as well. In quilting, it’s easier to complete the steps in batches -cut everything out, match the pieces together, “chain stitch” them together in a continuous line without breaking the thread, cut the pieces apart, iron them all…you get the idea. So I’ve decided that I need to apply this quilting method to writing. After I do all the work necessary to publish a post (sometimes it takes almost as long to publish a post as it does to write it) I have a hard time jumping into writing the next one immediately. Thus, I’m going to try to write posts in batches- draft, edit and prep them for publishing all together. Who knows – maybe it’ll be the miracle we’ve all been waiting for that will keep me posting regularly, ha!

All that to say, even though it will be quiet around here for a little while longer, things are happening behind the scenes. Good things come to those who wait, so I hope you’ll like what’s coming in the near future. 🙂