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How Prayer Is Like Pinterest


At first I just didn’t get it. Pinterest. What was the point? Why should I be interested in yet another social media outlet where people waste yet more time cruising the internet, pinning pictures of pretty things they can’t have onto virtual pinboards for strangers to look at?

For quite a while I rejected the fad.  But as time went by, I learned about Pinterest and began to see how fun and useful it could be (crafting tutorials galore, hellooo!), and after holding out just a little while longer, I got my own Pinterest account.  And the more I used it, the more valuable of a tool it became to me. Sewing tutorials, writing tips, home decor inspiration, recipes, and more all stored on neatly categorized boards. Anything I wanted to remember on the internet, stored in one place.

Sometimes prayer is viewed the same way I first viewed Pinterest. A pointless waste of time. After all, does it do any good to spend time talking to Someone you can only believe is listening to you? The fact is, it does. And the more we take time to pray, the more value we see in it. {tweet that}

Like it took me time to realize the usefulness of Pinterest, it takes time and experience to realize the full power and effect of prayer in our lives.

Like an ever-growing collection of Pinterest boards, the more we pray, the more areas of our life we see the need for bringing before our Heavenly Father.

And like I sometimes think of Pinterest as my “happy place”, because through it I can escape into a world of beautiful pictures and inspiring words, prayer is a refuge, but it is much greater than any internet distraction. It’s a place to take all of our troubles and to claim the comfort of the Savior when life gets to be too much.

Prayer is a refuge much greater than any internet distraction. {tweet that}

So keep pinning things to your prayer board. It won’t be long before you’re addicted. 😉

“But as for me, God’s presence is my good. I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, so I can tell about all You do.”
~Psalm 73:28


  1. I continue to be flummoxed by Pinterest, to be honest, but I love your prayer analogy! “It’s a place to take all of our troubles and to claim the comfort of the Savior when life gets to be too much.” Well said! (Makes me want to rethink my bias against Pinterest … )

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