Drum roll please…..here it is! The Big Thing!


Yes, if you haven’t already guessed it, the Big Thing is a website/blog – my blog. Under my own name. 😀

But why is this a Big Thing?” You might be wondering. “It’s just a blog.”

Well, it is just a blog and it isn’t just a blog.

Here’s why it isn’t just a blog:

A few months ago I started checking out what it would take to get published, and I learned a few things. The publishing world has changed quite a bit in the past few years, and now one of the main requirements for getting published, whether you choose the traditional route or the self-publishing route, is a platform. This a place, like a blog, where the author regularly posts content and people can read/watch/listen to it. Yes, I already have a blog, but the name writeforward doesn’t fit with what I hope to be writing about. Setting up a self-hosted blog under my own name gives me the flexibility to write about whatever I choose,  more control over what it looks like (although I’ve barely begun working on that), and a place that will be easy for people to find and remember once I do write a book and publish it.

For me, it’s one step closer to becoming a real live author. And that’s exciting. 🙂

My new blog is going to be focused on success- a different kind of success, achieved by finding and doing God’s will for your life by spending time with Him every day. Over and over I see that a daily, consistent walk with God is the key to overcoming struggles of all kinds and being the kind of people we were created to be, and it is my desire to point other people to spending time with God as I have been faithfully encouraged to.

I hope to still post occasionally on this blog, since it is my place to keep track of my progress toward becoming a published author, but my main focus will be on posting on my new blog, about once a week. Thanks to everyone who has liked my posts, commented, and followed this blog, and I hope you’ll keep on reading my work over here and watch as the website develops! (I’m even going to put a picture of my face on there sometime soon :O after I take one, that is.) http://diananesbitt.com/the-new-definition-of-success/